Zen at work

Layman Ari works with beings


You choose: some live, some die.


Everyone has a great koan in front of her, like it or not. ”What do I choose to do next?”

Your action is the only thing you really own. That is you. Would you like to do it well?

The action will emerge from the whole of the body-mind and the environment. There is no separate me deciding. Me happens from moment to moment. You experience it, but can not explain.

After thirty years of stealing from other bandits, he only could open a can of worms. Anyway, tell me what is not a being.


Gently hold your intention,
   and things will fall into place.
Let curiosity guide your slightest action,
   and both the goal and the path will emerge.
There is no must,
   whatever you encounter can be studied.
Hear and acknowledge beings happen.
Separation ending.

Originally published in the magazine Zendo of Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet, June 2017.

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